The Earth Day Film Festival

Fostering global community by celebrating Earth-minded film and art

using clean energy and zero waste goals.


We honor the Earth in each step of the process.

We celebrate diverse content on the environment, humanity, world change, and peace.


Join the movement!


We seek to change the content we celebrate and how it’s celebrated. The films are carefully selected to represent a broad range of interpretations of an Earthly experience. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of filmmakers, artists, scientists, and activists who care deeply about the Earth.


We not only offer Earth-honoring films but work to do so in an Earth-honoring way. Our film festival runs entirely on Clean Energy with Zero Waste goals. Our selected films are created by diverse, international filmmakers. The Earth Day Film Festival facilitates screenings around the world on Earth Day and hosts a full festival each spring in Chico, California.


The Earth Day Film Festival is a living, growing event and is itself a creative expression and offering to the planet. Films have screened in traditional and well-known theaters as well as desert, mountain, and water landscapes. Join us March 1-3, 2019 in Chico, CA.


We are looking to create a global movement rather than a traditional film festival. On Earth Day, we provide a curation of films submitted from around the world to hosts to screen in their community. Join the movement! Sign up to learn more about hosting a screening.