Fostering global community by celebrating Earthminded film and art using clean energy and zero waste goals.


We honor the Earth in each step of the process. We celebrate diverse content on the environment, humanity, world change, and peace.


Curated films are screened in cities across the world each year on Earth Day.


Join the movement!

Every year The Earth Day Film Festival honors a specific aspect of this Earthly experience. In this way, we focus our collective awareness on a single brush stroke of the masterpiece of existence. In 2017 we celebrate Fire.

Fire is symbol of transition; of both destruction and rebirth, consumption and illumination. Fire is part of our survival as a species, but also part of our demise. The Earth is undoubtedly heating up. 2016 was the hottest year on record. Since 2001, the planet has seen 16 of the 17 warmest years on record. Humanity is racing to consume, extract, produce, burn, pave, clear, and dispose. As we burn up our resources, there is a global movement passionate to sprout a new, sustainable future. The old systems of hierarchy are burning up, making way for a maternal, horizontal system. We have curated a diverse selection of films, drawing from creative interpretations of the physical, emotional and symbolic nature of Fire.

The film submission deadline is February 20th. We accept submissions via this webpage. The selection will be made by March 24th.

We provide the films, you get friends to come be inspired. Each year, on Earth Day, we curate a selection of films that honor our Earth. If you are interested in this global movement and would like to host a screening, please fill out the survey and we will be in touch.

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