Looking to create a global movement rather than a traditional film festival, we have opened the The Earth Day Film Festival up to the world.


Our curated films are screened in cities around the world each year on Earth Day. The main idea behind this event is to create a global collective consciousness movement. One that is positively directed and focused primarily around themes of environmental remediation, global community and peace.


We are excited about current technological developments around the internet and mass communication and would like to utilize that to affect positive action.


Join the movement in San Francisco, Vancouver, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Madrid.


As the Earth spins upon its axis in rotation around a burning sun, we, as the conscious beings of this planet experience the different elements and how they might feel to us in human form. From there we categorize them, label them for the sake of eased communication. Their source, as in all things, still the planet.

Every year at The Earth Day Film Festival we honor a specific area of this Earthly experience. It is a way for us to focus our collective minds on a brush stroke of the masterpiece of existence. By doing so we bring awareness to it and allow for the many varied perspectives to come forward to illustrate, as in all areas of existence, even when we focus in on what we might believe to be concrete, it too is in motion. What we are left with is an appreciation to the fluidity of existence and the honoring of the unique perspectives we all have, as the consciousness of the Earth.

2016 is set to be the hottest year on record since record keeping began in 1880 and would make the third year in a row that the record was broken. In fact the warmest 16 years on record fall between 1998 and now. Things are undoubtedly heating up and this is caused by human activity. From our fiery passion to convert resources into what we deem efficient and usable, pulling oil and coal from the Earth to burn, clearing forests to plant our crops and culling the oceans of their vibrant life to fill our bellies. It is a race of transformation and consumption.

In light of all this activity we have chosen FIRE as the 2017 theme for The Earth Day Film Festival. Fire, symbolic of transition, the Earth is at a place of transition, as we move away from old systems that are set in patriarchal hierarchy to a remembrance of a maternal, horizontal, system. As we burn up our resources there is a global youth that is passionate to strip the ways and means that came before leaving them in the ashes, to sprout a new sustainable future.

We are looking at the, physical, emotional and symbolic interpretations of FIRE and encourage you to do so as well in submitting your film, project, or art. Fire has been one way for humans to leverage their will on the rest of the natural systems that we too are tied to. And therein lies the caveat, if you are going to play with fire you are going to get burned. We are undoubtedly in a closed system, so what we put in we will get back out.