Kharma Bums – Jeremiah Kent & Ryan Salm

KHARMA BUMS, the audience at our opening screening watched 20 different films as submitted and selected by our staff from around the world! Kharma Bums by Jeremiah Kent, is a spiritual journey of four friends from California as they embark on an epic adventure down the Ganges River, the most revered and potentially most polluted river on the planet. The documentary follows them from largest gathering of human beings ever recorded known as the Kumbh Mela, some 140 miles down river to the holy city of Varanasi. Their quest to discover purity amongst pollution is a true test of will, patience, and perseverance.

All is Found – Katelyn Partlow, Kamee Abrahamian

ALL IS FOUND, was selected by The Earth Day Film Festival Staff. This was no easy choice, as we narrowed down from our initial selections, which were all great films, to then just chose one! With lots of discussion and bordering on heated debate, All is Found, was selected. Katelyn Partlow, Kamee Abrahamian, the film making duo that composes the Alchmey of Waste team has a unique film making project that is an immersive transmedia endaevour that integrates upcycled materials into a collaborative storytelling experience. All is Found is beautifully shot and edited, we see the human connection to object but it is redefined from what preconcived notions we might have had. A romantic image of waste is presented and deeper still are the questions we are forced to ask our selves. What do I consume, what do the objects in my life mean? This is an ongoing film project and we look forward to seeing more from them.

Wapapura: A Musical Journey into the Amazon – Rafael Kotcherha, Allen Myers and Dani Urdiales

About This Award: The Earths Choice Award is just that, an award that seeks to channel the voice of mother earth. This film is one that is created in such a manner that the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. A film that promotes earth conscious living, it is a film that speaks from a place of love as that is of the nurturing nature of our mother earth.

About the film: Wapapura demonstrates the possibility of connecting music to the earth through the power of the sun, taking ancient and earthly concepts into the modern era. The film follows the Wapapura team deep into the Amazon rainforest of Colombia to record a musical offering to the Earth with energy harnessed by the sun with field solar panels. In addition to the earth minded creation of this film and its over arching goals to heal the earth through musical offerings, this film was in essence the genesis of The Earth Day Film Festival. Allen Myers was asked by Rafael Kotchera, the creator of the Wapapura project, to film the journey into the amazon. After the film was edited, Myers, looked for a a venue to share the film on earth day, upon discovering that there was no earth day film festival in existence, he set out to create one, now presenting the film festival you read about! With that, this film has had a far reaching positive effect for the earth and is why it has received the Earth Award.

Learn More about the Wapapura Project and how they are still making musical offereings to the earth HERE