Earth’s Choice Award

Migration  by Sas Carey

This film is an experiential documentary following the migrational reindeer herders of remote Mongolia. This is an immersive film that serves as a reminder to the harmony that can be experienced when we tap back into the natural rhythms of the Earth. This is a unique and coveted award as only one exists and much like the Earth, the winner is only a temporary Shepard of it. Their name engraved on it and then passed on to the next years winner. This film is made in a way that most aligns with the Earth from conception to final film. Migration won this award after submitting the required environmental impact report which showed low impact on the environment to produce the film. The filmmakers lived as the Mongolian Herders did and used portable solar panels to power their equipment. The voice of the final film is also part of the final decision, in that it is unobtrusive, curious and  feminine. This film has a delicate approach that causes the viewer to deepen their listening abilities to hear to voice of Mother Earth.

The Activist Award

Growing Resistance by Shadia Fayne Wood

This award goes to the film that points out and fights against a repressive system that has us disconnected from each other and the Earth. Careful consideration is given to this film as it is unique and paramount award as we nurture a new society and see the opportunity to do so as a film festival. The film alone is not the only consideration, but how the filmmakers present their work, the partnerships and allies they form and their post production journey to activate and rally the community to action.

The New Paradigm Award

Life After Babylon by Lazarina Todorova

This award goes to a film that calls on a new direction and presents a clear vision on how to realize a healthier Earth. Careful consideration is given to this film as it is a unique and paramount award. We are nurturing a new society and see the opportunity to do so as a film festival by recognizing those giving voice to the earth. Life After Babylon, portrays individuals who, after recognizing the systems that need to be changed, they are actively pursuing a new course and offering an answer to the question: what is next? With a voice that is harmonizing with the Earth, not the voice of the fighter or defender, but one that is nurturing and feminine. It is a new paradigm, manifested in film.


Pushtar by Alan Lambert

We often hear in the film industry that, “sound is everything.” We also hear that sometimes “less is more”. In this unique and experimental film, sound effects and music, more so than dialogue, craft the tone and carry the messages of Pushtar. It is a crucial element to the story and a bold choice that paid off.

Best Cinematography

A Lark’s View by Aodh O Coileain

This film weaves linguistic, cultural and environmental themes together in a poetic and moving way; using film to link the language to the land. The viewer is pulled into a deeper appreciation of a land that is quiet and not forceful but flows just as words. The cinematography matches the tone and themes of the film beautifully.

Best Editing

An Unfinished Film for My Daughter Somayeh by Morteza Payeshenas

This powerful film made by an Iranian filmmaker compiles over 20 years of home footage. Payeahenas portrays one heart felt moment after another to reveal a story that is all at once incredibly human and revealing to a culture and political system that may be unknown to many viewers.