It takes an incredible amount of effort, vision, and dedication to complete a film- we know! The filmmakers are the essential part of The Earth Day Film Festival. Their creation is why we are driven to produce this festival; to share their messages and their art.

The Earth Day Film Festival honors and supports these collaborators, whether it’s through the intentionally and lovingly created Filmmaker Gift Bags, social media promotion, or support with future film projects. With our actions and our hearts we are nourishing a creative, Earth-conscious community.

Cinematic Celebration of the Earth

Along with the traditional accolades, The Earth Day Film Festival has three unique awards that are part of changing the content we celebrate and how it is celebrated.

The Earth’s Choice Award

This film aligns with the Earth from conception to production to final film, reducing waste, minimizing environmental impact and using clean energy. Integrity in both form and message. The tone is typically feminine, not a direct way of speaking but one that is an invitation to a remembrance of our inter-connectedness to the planet and all beings. The winner’s name is engraved on the trophy and they become the temporary custodian of this unique trophy; emblematic of our role as temporary shepherds of the Earth.

The Activist Award

Film has the power to both inform and activate. This award honors one film that weaves information about environmental injustice with moving stories of people’s courageous efforts toward repairing injustice. In addition to the content and tone of the film, we consider the methods employed by the filmmaker, including the partnerships and allies they form and their post production journey to activate and rally the community to action.

The New Paradigm Award

After activism calls attention to the broken systems, we must answer the question: “What’s next?” This award honors a film that crafts a new course for humanity and presents a clear vision on how to realize a healthier Earth. Solution oriented and with a tone that is harmonizing with the Earth, this film offers the blueprint for a new paradigm.