Wapapura: A Musical Journey into the Amazon

Title: Wapapura: A Musical Journey into the Amazon

Creators: Rafael Kotcherha, Allen Myers and Dani Urdiales

Runtime: 22:50

Synopsis: There are some who guided by some unseen force bring about change like non we could have imagined.

Wapapura demonstrates the possibility of connecting music to the earth through the power of the sun, taking ancient and earthly concepts into the modern era.

Follow the production crew of Wapapura as they travel deep into the Amazon rainforest of Colombia to record a musical offering to the Earth with energy harnessed by the sun with field solar panels. You will know wisdom of the elders of the Yagua people, hear earth inspired music and the harmonizing call of the Jaguar.

The Director of Photography will be available after the screening for a Question and Answer period.



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