Feminist Film Night

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We are the feminine, the Mother Earth, who holds it all. On this night we honor that in film, art, and healing.

Join us at Merchants of Reality as The Earth Day Film Festival showcases feminist films in a journey from the vintage to the present. We will be honouring the feminine nature and awakening to new modes of structuring our communities and societies that do not reflect the male-dominated hierarchies we see being dismantled today.

“Near the Big Chakra” (1971) by Ann Severson

“…Severson’s project is collective physical and spiritual liberation. Rather than cataloging self-objectification, she projects a multi-faceted feminine body social of integrated beings, to create a Cosmic Cunt Consciousness.”
– Keith Sanborn, Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton

Grab this very rare opportunity to experience this controversial (still!) film presented by VF, a new project promoting film and video art made by women through pop up screenings and other art events.

There will be an intermission and time to talk to the films curators, Airy Blue Waters and Natalia Salazar.

Moving into present-day Feminism we will showcase works by the newly launched all-female Swedish porn collective, New Level of Pornography.

“Female Fantasy” by Zara Kjellner & Alicia Hansen
“Space Labia” by Lo-Fi Cherry
“Skin” by Elin Magnusson
“Go Deep” by Mirjam Frydman

Porn has a long history of having the same male-dominated-female checklist. They believe that there are alternative ways to express sexual experience, like feminist porn, that focus on the female point of view instead of solely male gratification.

“It’s feministic because the perspective lies with the female,” Kjellner tells The Creators Project. “The fantasy is hers and we capture her enjoyment. The female is the active subject.”

We are excited to be able to share their work with you and have a couple of the filmmakers answer questions and share their creative process.

Throughout the space will be honoring women artists and their works around the theme of Feminism and the Female Body curated by Airy Waters (E.Feller) and Jessy Gaumann.
This will continue to be on view for Merchants “Last Fridays” until March 19th.

Artists included are: Airy Waters, Patricia Pauchnick, Kendall Berardino, Minea Herwitz, Carla Wojczuk, Sarah Godfrey, Hailey Gaiser, Sya Warfield, Jo Byer, and Koak.

A curated auditory experience featuring ambient sound, energizing songs and the voices of artists and feminists, and female musicians will be provided by DJ8 in collaboration with Airy Waters.

Themed products like aphrodisiacs and female tonics, in the form of tea, drinks, and desserts handcrafted by Karon Trejo from Mama Bruha will be available for purchase.

Annie Mellan will distribute holistic gynecology resources while Minea Herwitz will offer Earth Magic tarot readings to unearth the fairies and witches and magical beings we sometimes forget that we are.

At the end of the night, a Ceremonial Cake (mmm…) included as art installation will be offered for ritual consumption.


Tickets at $10.
Light snacks and drinks will be available to ticket holders.
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